We Install and Fix Electric Garage Door Systems with Efficiency

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Should I hire a professional installer?

It is recommended that you hire our experts when it comes to installing garage doors. This way, your door will be installed properly and safely. Installing a garage door is not considered a do-it-yourself project. Thus, hiring our professional is necessary and the safest thing to do.

Do I need to have my garage door maintained?

Our garage door specialists say it’s important to have your garage door properly maintained. This surely prevents major problems from occurring and you will be able to use your door smoothly, safely, and securely all the time. This additionally preserves its beauty, as well as lengthening its life so you don’t have to replace it in a short time.

Is a garage door with R-16 value twice as energy efficient than a door with R-8 value?

This is not necessarily true because a garage door with R-8 value on insulation has 90 percent heat flow reduction, while a door with an R-16 value provides 95 percent heat flow reduction. According to our experts, this is a 5 percent increase on energy efficiency but not half.

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